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Inspirational, Impactful, Inclusive.

Looking for a top-notch leader, change agent, speaker, and facilitator that motivates and ignites the embers smoldering within us all? You’ve found her! Anna is an exceptional leader and dynamic speaker who drives positive change by sharing and infusing clear communication principles and authentic DEI+B strategies into everything she touches. And in case you didn’t know, she does it with an unwavering commitment to helping systematically marginalized people be their full and authentic selves.

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About Me

I’m Anna Taylor.
To know me is to love me.

As a seasoned communication leader, I have a knack for taking complex or technical concepts and translating them into everyday language and stories that reach and resonate with people. My expertise ranges from planning and executing global marketing campaigns to creating innovative campaigns for diverse audiences.

I have an innate desire to learn and continuously improve personally and professionally. The appetite to stay curious, ask questions, and seek challenges has served many well, as there is a science to problem-solving that doesn’t involve knowing the subject matter but instead asking the right questions and getting teams to think differently.  

The infectious energy I bring to workshops or speaking events, coupled with real-life industry experiences, connect with a wide range of audiences and bring people in. I take tremendous pride in leveraging my experience and being authentically me to motivate people and drive organizations forward. My life experiences—from overcoming economic challenges like homelessness or navigating through unconsciously biased corporate systems—make me uniquely qualified to personify the resilience people aspire to have.

My experience fuels my passion for creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces where people thrive.

On a personal note, I am a dance mom (she will be the first professional astrophysicist dancer, her words, not mine 😊), I love to travel and become immersed in different cultures and enjoying the local coffee.

I look forward to connecting and making an impact together!


Anna’s Leadership Toolbox


Authentic Leader

Leveraging the skillset to be transparent, honest, empathetic, and driven while embracing and exhibiting values and principles grounded in the identity and experiences of a Black millennial woman and mom.


Dynamic Change Agent

Initiating, facilitating, managing, and overcoming resistance to change within an organization by advocating for new voices, ideas, processes, and behaviors.


Passionate Advocate

Creating a space where diversity, equity, and inclusion are embodied by addressing systemic inequities that may hinder achieving an equitable workplace where everyone feels they can reach their full potential and be accepted for who they are.


Intentional Connector

Creating mutually beneficial relationships that increase impact—leveraging resources, expertise, networks, etc.—by collaborating to achieve shared goals.

Where Anna Excels


Strategic Comms + Planning

Purposeful planning and use of comms—centering the audience—ensures the right inclusive message, medium, and timing is deployed to achieve measurable goals, objectives, and shared understanding.


Persuasive Storytelling

Powerful storytelling engages, conveys information, and builds emotional connections between the audience and the messenger.


Creative Problem Solving

Curious and human-centered approach to addressing complex issues or improving processes that involve empathy, creativity, and experimentation to get to the root of the problem without judgment periods.


Interactive Training and Facilitation

Collaborative and participatory process grounded in adult learning principles that increase knowledge, understanding, or decision-making among groups periods.

I am in the business of ‘enriching’ businesses. I partner with companies to elevate their communications, expand their thinking, embrace diverse cultures, and empower their people… but I only do it by being authentically me.


What Are People Saying About Anna

“Anna is a great strategic communications partner, coach, and leader to her team and clients . Her creativity and out-of-the-box thinking has ensured our teams can deliver impactful and meaningful content . She is intentional in her style and looks to build safe spaces where everyone feels appreciated and a great sense of belonging. ”

-Stephanie Rebolledo
Global Diversity & Inclusion
Talent and Culture Leader

"Anna is a dependable communications expert who delivers on time and to the highest standard. Her creativity and passion make her an exceptional strategist. She can articulate complex ideas clearly and concisely, making her an effective communicator to all stakeholders."

-Ross Allen
Geonomics General Counsel

"Anna has continuously guided professionals and me by providing personal and professional advice with patience and dedication. She is genuinely invested in elevating others and contributing to their professional growth. When all is said and done, Anna is someone you want in your corner, professionally and personally. "

-Kelli Hunter
Partnerships & Community Engagement Director

"Anna brings a sophisticated and thoughtful approach to everything she touches. She knows when to push back, presents solutions when faced with challenges, and consistently focuses on objectives. That said, her capabilities expand far beyond communications, making her a highly valuable member of any team, committee, or community she supports."

– Nicholle Lyons
Global Communications Director

"Anna’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone regardless of their background or identity has been essential in helping us reach our DEI goals. Anna worked tirelessly with our team on initiatives such as developing equitable policies, hosting diversity awareness workshops, and communicating tough and complex messages to associates —all of which have had a tremendous impact."

-Jason Butler

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